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Sand Injection Calibration

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Calibration of sand detectors / sand sensors for accurate quantification of sand

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January 23 2023

SMS Sand Injection System allows for the safe displacement of a known volume of gel containing a set concentration of sand suspended within. A pump system set at a specific displacement rate applies a known volume of liquid, at pressure, to the backside of piston displacement cylinder. On the front side of the piston displacement cylinder is the sand injection gel which is then displaced into the process system. This set-up is used to support the calibration and validation of Acoustic Sand Detectors.


Quick and easy fil/ refill system for multiple injections
Portable, simple, effective design
Increased well production flow rates from updated sanding envelope and tolerances of each sand detector
Increase asset longevity and optimise overall production
Requires trained SMS personnel to operate on location


Injection rate up to 70 Litres per hour
Pressure rating Up to 10,000 psi / 690 bar
Net Volume 4000 cc
Temperature Rating 0 - 50 Deg C

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About Sand Monitoring Services

SMS has proven a strong reputation for offering effective management and risk-mitigation strategies for its clients' operational and environmental risks. We provide Sand Management and Erosion-Corrosion products and services including: Acoustic Sand Monitoring, Sand Sampling, Erosion & Corrosion Probes, Real-Time UT Wall Thickness Systems, and Real-Time H2S & CO2 Monitoring Systems. 

Our team is fuelled to drive clients’ operational efficiency by offering a full spectrum of low carbon solutions and utilisation of our zero manpower capabilities that are proven to minimise carbon footprint and can help accelerate your path to net zero.

We have rapidly grown over the years and evolved with ground-breaking technologies and partnerships with several clients and industry players to drive your transition to a safer, more robust, resilient, cost-effective and sustainable asset life cycle.

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