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Well Integrity Management Software

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Saturday, August 6, 2022 - 19:38

COLLABWELLS®: WIMS is a cloud-based software that combines information, management processes and calculations to facilitate seamless well management. It acts as a single source of truth for Asset, Wells, Service companies & Operations teams to deliver performance – anywhere, anytime.

COLLABWELLS: WIMS integrates and automates complex business logic enabling companies to accelerate their digital transformation within well management.


Cloud based software giving secure instant access to all well integrity data.
Calculations (MAASP, Leak rates, etc) to industry standards: ISO:16530 & API14B
Integrates with company business processes: Failure Models, Risk Management, Management of Change
Barrier and Safety Critical Element Management
Highly Visual - Well Schematics, Barrier Status updated in realtime
Facilitates test scheduling, result tracking and approvals
Automated analytics and management reporting
Enables production efficiency through trend management and focused intervention
Heightened safety focus through real time well status and trend monitoring
Relies on having necessary well data inputs as onboarding process


Data Storage Cloud based. Hosted on Amazon Web Services secure servers ensuring security of company data.
Calculations Built-in industry standard calculations to ISO:16530 and API14B
Analytics Vast data analysis and insight capability utilising PowerBi or similar interface.
Visualisation Realtime well barrier and safety critical element graphics

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Evoilve crafts intelligent software for energy companies. Our software is equipped with cognitive intelligence, able to automate complex business processes while freeing time for value adding tasks.

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